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images (8)Today computer threats problems has been very common and every Windows PC users are being affected by these harmful malicious threats. Computer frauds and cyber criminals are now targeting a huge ratio of people all over the world for their illegal purposes. is one such threat which is designed by very skilled computer hackers to harm the user in a very harsh way. gets entry into your system without your knowledge and starts performing its nasty activities. First of all it modifies and changes the in-built security settings of your computer and then infects registry files which slows down the performance of your system.

The worst point of this lethal threat is that is disables the installed anti-virus programs and then starts its malicious activities. The ability to replicate itself helps them to spread very quickly inside the hard drives of your system. It opens the doors for many other disastrous malwares which captures the access of your system and gives them to the remote cyber hackers who then steals your critical, urgent and confidential data and documents like your bank account details, business details etc which can be life destroying situation for you. They can make your computer completely unusable therefore it is strongly recommended to remove from your system as soon as possible.


How Enters Your PC?

HackerThis harmful piece of malware enters your computer automatically without any consent of users. By creating security loopholes it takes secret entry in your computer and makes severe damages. Following are the ways by which this harmful spyware takes automatic entry in your computer:

  • Visiting malicious or porn websites
  • Clicking unknown or malicious links
  • Downloading freeware and shareware
  • Infected email attachments
  • Network file sharing
  • Use of damaged removable storage devices

Symptoms of Infections

Continuous occurrence of error messages: Users start getting several types of error messages indicating PC infection but all messages are completely fake. It appears only due to presence of malware.images (4)

Slow System Performance: You will experience that speed of your computer gets decreased at great extent and you are unable to accomplish your task successfully

Application Stops Responding: Numbers of system applications stops responding or takes long time to execute

Modification of System Settings: You will find that desktop settings changes automatically

Corruption of Windows Registry: It will add malicious entries to Windows registry and affects system performance badly

Automatic File Deletion: This malicious piece of malware causes automatic deletion of files and causes data loss problems.

images (6)Redirection of Browsers: It will cause automatic redirection of browsers and redirect your search results to several malicious websites

Changes Homepage Settings of Browser: It modifies settings of browsers like Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Chrome etc and also record your web browsing history

How to Remove

Once your computer gets infected with malicious spyware you start finding ways to clean your PC. It is very important to remove harmful threats as soon as possible otherwise it will be very difficult for you to access your saved data. It makes your PC completely unstable. There are mainly two ways to delete malicious spyware from your infected PC.


Manual Removal Method

One of the common method is manual removal method. Most of the computer users try to remove manually by following below mentioned steps:

  • Press ALT + CTRL+ DEL in order to open Task Manager and move to processes tab. Thenafter you have to select the executable processes of and stop them immediately.
  • windows-advanced-options-menu
  • Type regedit in command prompt in order to open Windows Registry Editor. Once you open the registry editor search and delete the infected or junk entriesrun-reg-add-service
  • Remove all infected files from each and every location of your PC


After successful completion of these steps you will be able to remove this harmful malware from your computer.

Automatic Removal

Although, it is possible to remove manually but it is quite time-taking spyware_removerprocedure. If you are not technically expert then it will be quite difficult for you to remove threat manually. Often it happens that some traces of files still remain in system due to which you start facing further problems. So, its better you should remove threat automatically with the help of automatic Removal Tool. With the help of comprehensive software you can easily remove malicious threats from your computer in just few simple clicks.

The software comes with advanced graphical user interface developed with advanced techniques and powerful algorithm having capabilities to easily detect malicious files and completely clean your PC. It has capabilities to detect newly developed threats which infect your computer and makes it unresponsive. The comprehensive software also enhance your PC performance.

User Guide: How to Use Removal Tool


Download automatic removal tool and install them in your PC. After installation you need to select Scan button in order to start the scanning process. Immediately after clicking scan button software will start searching the threat.



After the starting of scanning process, software will detect all malicious threats present in your computer and display them n thumbnail format. It also shows threat and its complete description.



It also includes an option “Spyware Help Desk” which gives you complete information about the threat. How dangerous the threat is and what are its consequences.



System Guard facility is provided by the software in order to block the dangerous and malicious threats in your computer.